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Bio Fertilizer - Organic products at home, garden, farming and crops
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Fertilizer  -

Soil - Use of fertilizer in soil

Advantage and benefits of fertilizers

Microorganism use of bacterias in fertilizers

Experiment with fertilizers

Foliar Fertilizers How to use a foliar Fertilizer? Application of fertilizers in leaves

AzotoBacter - Use of bacterias as bio fertilizer.

Chemical Fertilizers decrease production at long term

N-P-K Fertilizers - NPK / NPKS components in fertilizers

Moss Use of Peat-moss and spagnum moss as fertilizer

Red worms from California and use in fertilizers


Compost  - - How to make compost? Composting - How to make organic fertilizers at home

Manure - Use of manure in crops

Control Control of odors

Use - How to use compost? Use of bio fertilizers

Vermicompost - Produce Compost with worms.

Compost Science - Science behind organic compost

Storage of fertilizers

Synthetic Fertilizers

Bin to process organic waste. How to make a Bin for Organic Compost

Box - How to do a Box to handle organic materials?

Worms and production of bio fertilizers


Farming - Organic Farming and Human development

Agricultural organic

Hydroponic Increase production with water and nutrients

Market of eco products. organic product Agricultural Marketing

Biodigester - Biodigesters and how to produce biogas

Biotechnology Biotechnologies in organic production

Biotech - Latest research in Bio Tech

Biopesticide - Biopesticides to control insects naturally

Biogas - Bio Gases. Get Free Energy from methane

Method - Methods to produce organic fertilizers. Methods for organic farming

Plant - Increase of size and health of plants and crops with biofertilizers

Pesticide - Control insects using natural pesticides

Rhizobia use of bacteria in fertilizers

Organic Farming - The natural history of the original producers


Organic Organic Tips for Gardening

Food - Organic Food - You are what you eat!

Products - Natural and organic products

Organic Nutrients

Certification for organic products - Organic Certification

Vegetable - Use of fertilizer in Vegetables

Vegan Gardening - Vegan, Veggies and organic sources of food

Inorganic fertilizers

Soil Conditioner


India Organic Directory for India


Garden - Organic Garden at Home -

Gardening - Home Gardening recycling organic materials

Growth of plants and crops with an organic fertilizer

Home - Organic Home. Use of home wastes to produce fertilizer for the garden.

How-to produce fertilizers with natural products


Insects How to control insects?

Ecology Eco culture

A BioFertilizer is a natural and organic fertilizer with nutrients and live microorganisms that required by the plants. Life is more than N-P-K, the soil is alive and contains a lot of microorganism and good bacters that produce natural nutrients for agriculture and plants. Using chemical products eventually will kill all this micro live and transform productive soils in sand and salt in few years.
The Global biofertilizer Market will exceed more than US$ 1.66 billion by 2022
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